Category: Friz 3

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Play on FrizGames.Net NOW! Eat luminous dots or dying opponents and become the biggest snake in the Slitherio universe!

Geometry Dash Online

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Play Geometry Dash Online on FrizGames.Net NOW! In Geometry Dash Online you need to jump over all obstacles. Use your mouse or space bar to jump. How many attempts do you need to complete all levels?

Money Movers 3

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Play Money Movers 3 on FrizGames.Net NOW! Guard Duty, you have to help our friend from the previous games, and his dog to reach the exit in each level by controlling them simultaneously. Capture the prisoners by scari...

Mutilate A Doll 2

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Play Mutilate A Doll 2 on FrizGames.Net NOW! Your task in this simple sandbox game Mutilate A Doll 2 is to torture and afflict maximum damage to the ragdoll dummy. Make his life a living hell using different items, we...

Effing Worms Xmas

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Play Effing Worms Xmas on FrizGames.Net NOW! Play the cool christmas-themed sequel of the funny action game Effing Worms and help the caterpillar to guzzle everything that moves in order to become larger and stronger....

Duck Life 4

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Play Duck Life 4 on FrizGames.Net NOW! Duck Life 4 is the fourth game in the cool duck life series presented by Notdoppler. Train your duck and compete in races and tournaments. The life of a duck is short. So do not ...

Strike Force Heroes

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Play Strike Force Heroes on FrizGames.Net NOW! Go on your mission to conquer the secret hideout of bad terrorists. Explore room by room, crawl through slim shafts and defeat enemies by violence. Unlock new weapons and...

Learn to Fly 3

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Play Learn to Fly 3 on FrizGames.Net NOW! Despite his strange look the penguin is also bird. And as almost all bird penguins wants to fly. Help him to learn how to fly.

Bomb It 6

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Play Bomb It 6 on FrizGames.Net NOW! Bomb It 6 is here! Choose your preferred game mode, pick a character and bomb it again in the sixth sequel of the popular, fun-addicting bomberman style game. Mission is to blast y...

Dummy Never Fails

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Play Dummy Never Fails on FrizGames.Net NOW! Dummy Never Fails is a physics-based shooting game inpired by Ragdoll Cannon. Launch your dummies from a cannon and try to hit the target in each level. Make sure to damage...

Doodle Jump

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Play Doodle Jump on FrizGames.Net NOW! Earn as much point as you can

Bob the Robber 2

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Play Bob the Robber 2 on FrizGames.Net NOW! The masked thief is back to his new challenge "Bob the Robber 2". Help Bob one more time to break in houses to steal all valuable items without getting catched. Much fun.

Strike Force Heroes 2

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Play Strike Force Heroes 2 on FrizGames.Net NOW! In the second installment of the action-packed shooting game you have to take over your enemy space base at all costs. Move and shoot through several missions and don't...

Truck Loader 4

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Play Truck Loader 4 on FrizGames.Net NOW! The fun physics-based Truck Loader series continues. In the fourth installment it's your job to lade the giant transportation vehicle with cargo. Move your forklift through th...

Earn to Die 2012

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Play Earn to Die 2012 on FrizGames.Net NOW! The year is 2012. Your bloody war on audacious zombies is at a fateful crossroads again. Either you die in the desert or you earn much money for killing hordes of undeads. M...

Raze 3

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Play Raze 3 on FrizGames.Net NOW! Raze 3 is an awesome futuristic shooting game made by Sky9 Games and sponsored by Notdoppler and ArmorGames. Arm yourself with weapons to fight aliens, robots, zombies and blast other...

Escaping The Prison

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Play Escaping The Prison on FrizGames.Net NOW! Try to escape from the prison taking the right decision at right moment. Three different endings are available.

Gun Mayhem Redux

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Play Gun Mayhem Redux on FrizGames.Net NOW! Gun Mayhem returns and so the killer in you needs to become revitalized! Customize your avatar and arm yourself with different weapons to be prepared to fight off all enemie...

Stick Out BMX

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Play Stick Out BMX on FrizGames.Net NOW! Ride your Favourite Stick Out on BMX to complete the challenging levels, Use space bar to jump and avoid obstacles. You have 3 lives in each level. Have Fun!

Fireboy and Water Girl 1 In The Forest Temple

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Play on FrizGames.Net NOW! How well do your hands work together? The Forest Temple is an addictive platform puzzle game, where you have to control two characters synchronously. Control both creatures at the same time...

Raze 2

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Play Raze 2 on FrizGames.Net NOW! Raze 2 is an awesome arena shooting game made by Armor Games. Arm yourself with various weapons, eliminate your opponents and survive as long as you can. Enjoy Raze 2!

Plasma Burst 2

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Play Plasma Burst 2 on FrizGames.Net NOW! Equip yourself with heavy artillery soldier. Blast your way through enemies and make it out of each level alive.

Snail Bob 7

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Play Snail Bob 7 on FrizGames.Net NOW! Snail Bob returns with a new fantasy story. Help the cute slug to overcome all adventures by pointing and clicking on interactive spots. Much fun!

Plasma Burst

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Play Plasma Burst on FrizGames.Net NOW! An amazingly fun sidescroller shooter. Earn money to purchase new weapons. Tons of levels!

Sift Heads Street Wars

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Play Sift Heads Street Wars on FrizGames.Net NOW! The official demo of the awesome Siftheads Multiplayer MMO game: Sift Heads Street Wars. Enjoy!

Penguin Diner 2

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Play Penguin Diner 2 on FrizGames.Net NOW! Penguin Diner 2 is a restaurant simulation game with polar birds. Mission of the game is to seat penguins, take their orders, serve them food and to do the bills. Fulfill the...

Alien Attack Team 2

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Play Alien Attack Team 2 on FrizGames.Net NOW! Join up with a special squad of alien hunters and help them with your shooting skills to save planet Earth. Your mission in Alien Attack Team 2 is to kill as many of the ...

Disaster Will Strike 6

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Play Disaster Will Strike 6 on FrizGames.Net NOW! Are you up for new catastrophes? Even though it's the sixth chapter of the Disaster Will Strike series, this physics-based puzzle game won't get boring! Unleash severa...

Truck Loader 3

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Play Truck Loader 3 on FrizGames.Net NOW! Here comes the third part of the physics-based Truck Loader game. Move crates around with your magnetic arm and stack them in the back of the truck. Enjoy Truck Loader 3!

Wheely 2

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Play Wheely 2 on FrizGames.Net NOW! Wheely 2 is another cute physics-based puzzle game, in which you have to unravel riddles to navigate the car to his friend. Certainly there are lots of obstacles the little four-whe...

Pikachu Run

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Play Pikachu Run on FrizGames.Net NOW! you have to help pikachu to run really fast! But there are many deep groove along the way. Could you help him jump over.

Alien Attack Team

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Play Alien Attack Team on FrizGames.Net NOW! Get some training on the controls and then bust into a live fire exercise before talking off into attacking aliens.

Megaman Project X

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Play Megaman Project X on FrizGames.Net NOW! Megaman game use rock to dash jump power up cannon and fire at enemies.

Bob The Robber

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Play Bob The Robber on FrizGames.Net NOW! Bob the Robber, Can you get in and out without being caught?

Gon And Mon

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Play Gon And Mon on FrizGames.Net NOW! Many people believe that the king of the jungle is a lion, but they probably have not heard about Gon and Mon yet, the spectacular monkey duo that dares confronting death in all ...

Bobby Da Arrow

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Play Bobby Da Arrow on FrizGames.Net NOW! Goblin hordes have invaded the peaceful kingdom of Alreo. . . can you beat this goblin invasion?

Ben 10 Armored Attack

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Play Ben 10 Armored Attack on FrizGames.Net NOW! Ben 10 is out saving the planet from alien evil once again, help him out as he shoots down any alien invaders, driving along in his supreme buggy he is unstoppable.

Feed Us

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Play Feed Us on FrizGames.Net NOW! 'Feed Us' is a funny piranha game made by Pyrozen. As a killer piranha it's your mission to feed on as much human victims as possible to grow and grow and grow and .. Feed Us!

Papa’s Burgeria

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Play Papa's Burgeria on FrizGames.Net NOW! If a Pizzeria serves pizzas, then naturally a Burgeria would serve burgers. However, Papa's Burgeria will make any delicious hamburger or cheeseburger to order, and it just s...

Red Ball 4

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Play Red Ball 4 on FrizGames.Net NOW! Try on Red Ball 4 to Solve puzzles in the popular, returning series Red Ball. It's a Great graphics & fun gameplay. Enjoy it

Switch Bot

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Play Switch Bot on FrizGames.Net NOW! Lost on an unfamiliar planet, Switch Bot needs to find his way home. Change colors to move objects and obstacles.

Fancy Snowboarding

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Play Fancy Snowboarding on FrizGames.Net NOW! Draw lines to reach the sqwiggles & presents. Line ink recharges as Fancy Pants snowboards.

Match 3 Adventure

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Play Match 3 Adventure on FrizGames.Net NOW! In this Anime-style puzzle game, you'll have to match up three or more blocks of the same color to clear the board and kill the baddies! Getting a higher number of color co...

Hulk: Bad Altitude

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Play Hulk: Bad Altitude on FrizGames.Net NOW! Hold down mouse button to charge then release to jump. Once in the air the Hulk follows the mouse's position. Hulk is indestructible so aim to hit as many robots as you c...

Tank Storm 2

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Play Tank Storm 2 on FrizGames.Net NOW! Control a battle tank, destroy enemy vehicles and shoot soldiers to get through enemy territory and complete the main mission - destroy the enemy base.

Desktop Racing 2

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Play Desktop Racing 2 on FrizGames.Net NOW! Desktop Racing is back, for the second time! Drive more cars, earn more upgrades and perform crazy stunts. Have Fun!

Bakugan Battle Brawlers

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Play Bakugan Battle Brawlers on FrizGames.Net NOW! In Bakugan Battle Brawlers, you will play as Dan and his bakugan, Dragonoid better known as Drago. Kill them all!

Angry Birds Space

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Play Angry Birds Space on FrizGames.Net NOW! The Angry Birds are back and this time they're strapping on some rockets and astronaut helmets as they head to space! Play Angry Birds Space and use the gravitational pull ...

Ben 10 Ninja

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Play Ben 10 Ninja on FrizGames.Net NOW! Ben 10 Ninja fighter game for kids. Try to be real ninja in this game. Ben 10 is awesome in this flash game.

Holly Hobbie: Muffin Maker

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Play Holly Hobbie: Muffin Maker on FrizGames.Net NOW! The three girls want to practice their cooking skills in the kitchen. They decided to start with delicious muffins. But they need to practice well. Help them put t...

King Of Fighters V 1.3

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Play King Of Fighters V 1.3 on FrizGames.Net NOW! A super Action martial arts 3D game for 1 or 2 players. Fight against your opponent and hit him with an amazing flying kick and special energy blasts.